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As a lawyer engaged in the movement to restore tribal sovereignty and safety for Native women, I know that legal advocacy and the protection of our legal rights will only take us so far.  While laws are necessary to protect our rights, the violence will not stop until our true culture is fully restored. Wica Agli is stopping the cycle of abuse, one man at a time.

I have worked directly and extensively with Wica Agli’s co-founders, Greg Grey Cloud and Aldo Seoane.  They are both highly dedicated, competent, and compassionate leaders.  They respect and listen to the women they work with.  They do not view their work as superior to the work Native women’s organizations have undertaken to end domestic violence.  Instead, they view themselves as in service to the movement Native women have created.  


Mary Kathryn Nagle

Partner, Pipestem Law, PC


As the project director for the DCI, I first met these two gentlemen through collaborative meetings with service providers for children exposed to violence. Later, we collaborated on programming efforts, strategy and collaborative services for families in need. In particular, bringing the information regarding the impact of domestic violence on child witnesses to the communities of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. Their shared commitment to holding perpetrators accountable and protecting victims and most of all, the children, has not only been discussed. More importantly, they have taken action to address these important issues facing our Native American families throughout the country as well as on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation."


Natalie Stites, J.D.

"As a grandmother of many and director odf the program in our school here that maintain our native language and cultural activities, I am in full support of the Wica Agli orgnaizatioon and its efforts to bring back the men to a place of honor and respect for the women."


Ione Quigley

Directo Language Development 

St. Francis Indian School

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